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Maternity | Lizeth + Salvador

24 Jul , 2014  


Lizeth and Salvador are an adorkable couple and I mean that in the most awesomest way possible. They are always fun to be around, so it is never a dull moment whenever I get a chance to hang around with them. Baby James is due on September 5th, 2014 and I can not wait to […]

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Maternity | Lyzz + Luis

6 May , 2014  


Lyzz and Luis both were a fun and patience couple to work with. They had a few ideas in mind of how they wanted the photo shoot to run, and I’m extremely flexible so we made their ideas come to life. They left a majority of the shoot for me to experiment with my poses and […]

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Engagement | Kim + Danny

3 May , 2014  


Danny had a plan to propose to his now fiancé, Kim, and I was apart of the plan. Danny wanted to propose on the Golden Gate Bridge, and since he is a former coworker and good friend of mine, he contacted me and I helped him make it happen and also got to capture it. […]

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Anniversary | Mari + Moy

30 Oct , 2013  


People have best friends, but I have my Brodies. Two of them happen to be in this photo shoot. I literally hang out or talk to these two almost every day. The three of us, along with our other three Brodies, have become our own little family! Both Moy and Mari asked me if I could come […]

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Rockabilly Session | Arianna + Hector

10 Oct , 2013  


Hector and Arianna. My first ever photo shoot was with these two, before they were married! Time sure does fly! Hector contacted me and asked me if I could do a rockabilly styled photo shoot for him and Arianna, and was I really going to turn down such a fun styled theme? Nope!

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Maternity | Isabell + Jose

5 Sep , 2013  


I’ve known Jose for a couple of years now as I was introduced to him on the basketball courts. He is a real good guy and I know that he will make an incredible dad. I also know that his girlfriend, Isabell, will make an incredible mother! They plan on naming their soon to be […]

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Engagement | Patricia + Francisco

17 Jun , 2013  


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Couple | Yvette + Beto

27 May , 2013  



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Couple | Blanca + Francisco

14 Feb , 2013  



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Couple | Lorena + Antonio

30 Jan , 2013