Journal Entry 23 | Travel | Wisconsin/Illinois | 2016 Memorial Day Weekend

Journal Entry 23 | Travel | Wisconsin/Illinois | 2016 Memorial Day Weekend

If you follow me on Snapchat (username is "paarrmm" because for some reason Snapchat will not allow me to go back to my original username which was "parmmasuta") you know that I was counting down the days to May 27th, 2016. This was not only the date for my last day of work in Tracy, CA, but it was also the day I would take a real trip with friends to different states (I do not consider places like Lake Tahoe or Las Vegas real trips since everyone from here in California does that kind of stuff in Nevada). This trip was also to celebrate new jobs, graduations, a birthday, new beginnings, but in my opinion, the most important celebration was a reunion with a friend who I had not seen in about 8 years. 

I went to work for the last time and said my farewells to everyone. Some of them actually did not believe that I was leaving until I said my goodbyes and then it dawned on them. It was time for me to move on. Speaking of moving on, after work finished, I headed over to San Jose where I would meet up with my friends @ana_bellie and @sobee_water at their home. Once we were all together, we made our way to San Francisco International Airport and everything went smoothly as we boarded the plane and waited to get to our next destination, Chicago, IL. 

We arrived in Chicago around 2:30 a.m. where we were picked up by my friend Mayra (the friend who I had not seen in almost 8 years or so), her husband, and their daughter, Marina. They drove us out of Illinois and into Wisconsin where we first stopped at a spot to go horseback riding, which has been on my bucket list for awhile now. After we were done riding horses, we spent some time sightseeing in Dells Wisconsin, which is where our hotel was located. Dells Wisconsin is a small populated city that has attracts tourists from all over and we decided to see what the fuss was all about as we explored the ins and outs of it. It offered plenty of water parks, an upside down White House, a Lost Temple place, and a whole bunch more! After sightseeing we checked into our hotel and I decided to catch up on some sleep. At this point I had been awake for over 24 hours. 

When I woke up we all gathered together and went out to celebrate Mayra's 27th birthday at Moosejaw Pizza and I had the opportunity to try some of Wisconsin's finest beverages. Overall an exhausting, but fun first day during our Memorial Day Weekend.  

Day number two began at Noah's Ark Waterpark  because we could not say goodbye to the Waterpark Capitol of the World without going to a waterpark. Unfortunately, I did not take my camera nor my phone because they are not waterproof, and let's just say I have learned from my mistakes in the past. After the waterpark we packed all of our things and made our way to Chicago! 

We arrived in Chicago a little late at night and decided to walk around some areas of Chicago's Chicago Loop. Walking around the streets of Chicago at night was kind of tough. Not the streets themselves, but the people were just hard to read, however we did manage to get to our hotel safely where we spent our final night in the midwest. 

Our final day in the Midwest was spent exploring the United Center, which was a big deal for me growing up as a Chicago Bulls fan, and some of the remaining parts of the Chicago Loop that we all agreed on check out earlier in the trip. I also could not leave Chicago without trying Chicago style pizza, so we stopped at Pizzeria Uno to get our last Midwest grub on.

iPhone Photo Credits: The photo of us next to the Michael Jordan statue was taken by Felipe and the photo of all of us at the airport was taken by someone working at the airport. 

After 8 years not much has changed about Mayra. She was still the same Mayra I remember going to high school with. I'm proud of everything she has accomplished in her life after all the obstacles she has been through. I will not get into detail.  I am extremely grateful that we got the chance to hang out after almost 8 long years! I wish we had a bit longer to hang out, but reality prevented us from doing that. We made our way to the airport and said our final, no...our final "Until next time!" We thanked Mayra for everything she did for our 2016 Memorial Day Weekend and it's one that I know everyone and I will always remember! 

Hello, I'm Parm. I am a self-taught photographer from the Central Valley of California that specializes in photographing people in the natural light, especially during the golden hour. I am also a graphic designer that has a passion to create minimal posters and educate Tracy Unified School District students on the subject. Besides photography and graphic design, I love to seek new adventures by traveling. Feel free to browse around my website. I hope to hear from you soon.