Journal Entry 27 | Corona Heights Park | Erica

Journal Entry 27 | Corona Heights Park | Erica

Okay, I know the last one was a bit much, so I'll try to keep this one short. Maybe. 

@ericaunique_photography was introduced to me by her husband @agonzales45 who was introduced to me by @frias_anthony who was introduced to me by @sakelfc who I met back in middle school in I believe PE class. We would all hang out every now and then with the crowd being slightly different every time we were on the basketball courts running some pick up games or just kicking back at @frias_anthony house. Good times, good times. That was all back in our early to mid 20s and now we are all entering our late 20s and a lot has changed since then. Some are now married, others have began a career, and some are beginning to raise a family. Somehow, someway, we still manage to come back to each other and socialize with each other. Whether it is in person or through social media, which was the case here. 

Erica and Aaron have been married for a few years now and awhile back Aaron purchased a DSLR camera for Erica. At the time, Erica was babysitting her niece or nephew and would begin to use the camera and take photographs of them. From here, she figured why not give photography a try, so she began to promote herself and has photographed everything from graduations to weddings. In addition to her photography, she lives the scrub life and models as well. I knew that Erica was both into photography / modeling and would most likely know a couple of other models, so I reached out to her because I wanted to shoot more lifestyle type of portraits. I told her if she could help me out by finding a model, then I would help her with any photography stuff that she needed help with. Erica offered to model for me in the Bay Area since she is a huge @warriors fan (Game 7 is this Sunday and of course I'm cheering on the California team), but also suggested that I get in touch with her friend @jessicaanaya who has not modeled in 9 months or so, but was looking to get back into it. And that ladies and gentlemen was how I was introduced to Jessica (check out Journal Entry 25 for my photo session with Jessica and Jessica's story). I was introduced to Jessica through Erica. Now who will Jessica introduce me to? I guess I'll have to wait and find out. 

Erica and Aaron met me up in San Francisco at Corona Heights Park, which was one of my favorite spots in San Francisco when I was living out there. We kind of were limited with the time as we had originally planned to begin shooting around 5:00 p.m., but due to traffic and walking up and down the streets of San Francisco we did not begin shooting until the last light of the day. However, it all worked out at the end, and that's all that matters. 

P.S. I forgot about ridiculous the wind was at the top of Corona Heights. RI-DIC-U-LOUS! 

Hello, I'm Parm. I am a self-taught photographer from the Central Valley of California that specializes in photographing people in the natural light, especially during the golden hour. I am also a graphic designer that has a passion to create minimal posters and educate Tracy Unified School District students on the subject. Besides photography and graphic design, I love to seek new adventures by traveling. Feel free to browse around my website. I hope to hear from you soon.