Journal Entry 30 | Garrapata Sate Park

Journal Entry 30 | Garrapata Sate Park


Both Justin and I have been following each others work on Instagram for a few months now (Justin's Instagram handle is @dr.jzphoto), so we figured why not meet each other in real life since we were only a few hours away from each other. We exchanged contact information and set a date and time to meet each other in Carmel, CA to photograph a model. The only problem was we needed a model. We began to ask around to see if we can get someone to help us out, and surely enough, Justin's friend Maire (pronounced Maire) kindly volunteered to tag along for the adventure. 


Maire and Justin have been friends for quite sometime as their parents are friends. They have known each other since Maire was a teenager, if I remember that correctly. Sorry, Maire. My memory is not as great as it used to be. Moving on. 

I have seen some of Maire's photographs on Justin's Instagram and Justin told me to take a look at Maire's Instagram (@maireswny) to get an idea of who she was. But that's just Instagram. Communicating with them through a social media was one thing, but collaborating with them and socializing with them in real life was another. Both of them are awesome people to be around in real life and I hope we can get together again for another adventure in the near future! 

Hello, I'm Parm. I am a self-taught photographer from the Central Valley of California that specializes in photographing people in the natural light, especially during the golden hour. I am also a graphic designer that has a passion to create minimal posters and educate Tracy Unified School District students on the subject. Besides photography and graphic design, I love to seek new adventures by traveling. Feel free to browse around my website. I hope to hear from you soon.